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Experience Nature

The majestic Aspen Parklands and Boreal Forests of Northern Alberta have always been a wonder to visitors.

Early attestations by explorers and fur traders were that of awe by the vastness of the flora and fauna along the Peace and Smoky Rivers. Due to the soil being advantageous to farming, fields took hold and the region today remains uniquely positioned as an area of familiarity surrounded by the traditional isolation expected of the north.


Hunting - A Staple Pastime

Generations have been taught how to hunt game responsibly and safely, especially for food. With a high density of moose, whitetail deer, mule deer and elk, the concentration of deer to hunt has always been within the highest of Alberta, yet easily accessible by road. Goose-hunting is notably providential, some claiming it to be the best in North America, and many people also enjoy grouse hunting. Multiple outfitters operate in the region including:

Fishing - A Land of Lakes & Rivers

Flanked by large lakes characteristic of Northern Alberta and near the the winding Little Smoky, calm Big Smoky, and Mighty Peace Rivers, Fishing is a common attraction to visitors seeking a good catch. Winagami Lake Provincial Park, within a 20 minute drive of McLennan provides an excellent opportunity to fish Walleye, Northern Pike (Jackfish) and Yellow Perch. River Fishing may yield Walleye, Sauger, Northern Pike (Jackfish) and Burbot. Boats can be rented in nearby Peace River, AB.

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Birdwatching - Kimiwan Lake

Kimiwan Lake is a 4046 hectare shallow freshwater lake, upon which McLennan was founded. Since 1992, the Kimiwan Lake Birdwalk and Interpretive Centre has granted visitors the opportunity to view a large array of shorebirds and waterfowl - to date over 233 different species have been observed within 15km of the lake, granting McLennan the nickname of the 'Bird Capital of Canada'. The centre is staffed from May to September.

*Due to the submersion of access points of the Birdwalk, the centre is not staffed this year (2021).

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